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Who We Are


What We Do

Our Team

We are a dynamic team with the expertise and flexibility to design and customize software for each client's specific needs. Most Software-as-a-Service companies provide one-fits-all solutions that do not fully meet each client's particular requirements. We treat each client as if they were our only client.

The founder and CEO of SPEDfi, Dr. Camelia Rosca, brings to the table years of administrative experience in the education space coupled with a technical background. The members of our development team have designed creative software solutions for finance, administration, and operations to meet the requirements of clients ranging from small businesses to global companies.

We are thorough, we are nimble, and we are dedicated to fully meet the needs of each client. 

Our Work

Our software consists of a set of modules designed to function independently or in conjunction with each other to address finance and administration needs in education. Our work is based on four foundational principles: Accuracy, Efficiency, Transparency, and Data Privacy & Security. All SPEDfi modules are built on Salesforce, the world's #1 CRM platform and benefit from the power of cloud computing.


Our cornerstone is the Special Education Billing & Contracts module. On one hand, this module brings to special education the type of technology and computational power that large global companies are using. On the other hand, our team's combined expertise and dedication to each client's needs tailors this technology to your specific institutional requirements.

Whether your Collaborative or Private Special Education School serves a few students or a few hundred students, the Special Education Billing & Contracts module meets all your billing and contract needs. Contracts and invoices are generated automatically based on students' Individualized Education Programs. IEP changes result in dynamic recalculation of invoices and, when necessary, invoice revisions, cancelations, or credit allocations. Sent, paid, and outstanding amounts are calculated by student and by district for each month and for the school year and late payments are flagged. Dashboards and reports for leadership use allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your revenue stream in real-time. You will not need to ask for reports again. Just login to SPEDfi and your updated reports will be there for you at any time.

The SPEDfi Admissions Module streamlines your admissions/enrollment process, sends emails and notifications automatically to school district staff and to your special education institution staff, and saves all required documents into one repository.


Should you need a business solution to streamline your operations and the communication between different departments, we can build a custom module for you, such as a Transportation Module. If you offer Assessments, Therapeutical Services, or any other services to clients, we have contracting and billing modules that will meet your requirements, whether you charge a flat fee or an hourly fee.

Our Credentials

SPEDfi, LLC, is certified as a small business with the Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office (SDO) Small Business Purchasing Program and is a solution provider with the Massachusetts Association of School Business Officials (MASBO).

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