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Transparency and Findings-Free Audits

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SPEDfi provides job-specific information to a variety of stakeholders. Collaborative staff have read-write privileges to conduct day-to-day business and district staff have read-only access to information relevant to their jobs. For example, collaborative leaders have access to financial and programmatic reports for all collaborative students while district leaders can read the same reports that include only the collaborative students connected with their own district. District staff can create any reports for their own students such as Circuit Breaker Reimbursement reports. 

All data changes are time-stamped and visible to all stakeholders. The resulting changes in billing amounts are identified and can easily be followed by auditors.

School Districts

Education Collaboratives

Whether you serve fifty or five hundred students, SPEDfi has the solutions you need to streamline the communication between your programmatic side and your business office. From contracts and invoices to therapy logs and Medicaid reimbursement reports, to custom-developed software to meet your specific needs, with SPEDfi you will be able to eliminate inefficiencies, ensure accuracy in billing, and meet the requirements for receiving finding-free audits.

Private Special Education Schools

If you have residential or day programs or both, your complex billing needs can be met with SPEDfi. Our copyrighted software will help you introduce efficiencies that will keep you stay competitive on the market. Our customized solutions will meet any finance and administration needs your institution has. Contact us to share your needs and we will work on a solution tailored to you.

School Districts

Is your business office struggling with keeping track of special education invoices and costs? Does your staff spend a lot of time verifying the accuracy of special education invoices from a variety of collaboratives and private schools? Use the power of SPEDfi to get ahead of the curve. Our software will help your staff verify the accuracy of received invoices, view individual student costs and payments, and district level projected fiscal year costs with a click of a button. Access information in real time, including your district's circuit breaker reimbursement report.

Therapy Providers

Ensure a healthy bottom line by introducing efficiencies in your billing processes. Whatever your needs are, SPEDfi can build a custom solution that will allow you to spend more time and resources on your clients and less on administration. 

Business Solutions for
Your Institution

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