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The student admission process requires sustained communication between guardians, school districts, and special education institutions. By law, numerous documents must be collected by special education institutions to support student programming and data reporting. The SPEDfi Admissions & Enrollment module streamlines the admissions process and serves the needs of program directors, principals, special education directors, out-of-district coordinators and/or other staff responsible for students' enrollment in special education institutions. It meets several business needs:

  • Provides step-by-step guidance and automated reminders during the student admission process.

  • Automates the communication between special education institutions and sending districts.

  • Saves information about all prospective students in an easy-to-use system.

  • Saves in one repository and in electronic format the documents required for student enrollment.

  • Provides the required notifications to staff assigned to serve the admitted student.

  • Allows the generation of reports to identify what, if any, documentation might be missing from student records, calculates the admissions rate and other statistics relevant for administrators.

  • If used in conjunction with the Billing & Contracts module, after a student starts programming it transfers at the click of a button the information collected throughout the admissions process to the Billing & Contracts module where monthly invoices are generated automatically.

Like the Billing & Contracts module, the Admissions & Enrollment module significantly increases efficiency and transparency. The modules can be used independently from or in conjunction with each other. 

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Admissions & 
Enrollment Process

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