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The Special Education Invoices & Contracts Module is part of SPEDfi's integrated Business Solutions Suite. It is a customized, dynamic system for all special education contract and billing needs designed to work independently or in conjunction with other customized modules.

Your institution can deploy the Special Education Invoices & Contracts module as a stand-alone or choose to integrate it with other SPEDfi modules at any time.

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All SPEDfi modules are built on four foundational principles: Accuracy & Completeness, Efficiency, Transparency, and Data Privacy & Security. Data integration supports communication between this module and any other module that meets other finance and administration needs.

Features Summary

  • Monthly invoices are generated based on each student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP)

  • Client-facing monthly invoice details (amount and cost of services and tuition) are generated for each student and are attached to student record

  • Client-facing monthly invoiced, paid, and outstanding amounts are calculated by month for each student and are attached to student record

  • When students’ services, programs, billing districts, or other relevant variables change invoices are automatically calculated and revised

  • Invoices can be emailed to billing districts directly from SPEDfi interface

  • Invoices data can be downloaded in format compatible with upload into the general ledger software

  • Annual services, tuition, and total cost are calculated and updated dynamically when IEPs change by student and by billing district

  • Total sent and paid invoices and outstanding amounts are calculated by student and by billing district

  • Late payments are flagged

  • Reports and dashboards for leadership use such as monthly and annual revenue by district, by school, by program, and necessary staffing levels are generated and updated dynamically

  • Annual student contracts are generated and attached to student record

  • Annual contracts can be emailed directly from SPEDfi interface

  • Any documents and notes can be attached to student record

  • Create related lists: students, parents/guardians, district staff

  • Flag IEP expiration dates and 30-, 60-, 90- day letters

  • Audit trails are created - each user's interaction with the system is timestamped

  • Data access is job-related and user-specific, ensuring HIPAA compliance 

  • Data privacy and security are ensured through multifactor authentication

The Special Education Invoices & Contracts Module meets all your contracting and billing needs, eliminates billing errors, significantly increases efficiency, ensures data privacy and security, and provides the required audit trail.

Special Education
Invoices & Contracts

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